Micro Drones – Micro Race Gates

Since it’s winter time here, that means most of my drone flying has to be indoors; and THAT means MICRO DRONES!

It’s amazing how small drones have gotten while maintaining a good power to weight ratio. Flying around the house is fun – going under chairs and tables, around the island in the kitchen, bobbing in an out of the different rooms. But I wanted more, so I started to look at micro race gates.

There are some products available on the Internet, but they’re all too expensive for what you get IMO. Thus started my, “build a micro drone race gate for crazy cheap,” challenge.

For materials, the sticks were pretty easy to find. They’re just some Balloon Sticks from Walmart – 20 for just under $2. They’re basically 1/4″ hollow plastic tubes around 24″ long. But attaching and arranging them together would prove more difficult.

I tried some wire and some heat shrink but it wasn’t what I wanted. So I decided to do a bit of 3D modeling and printing. After a few prototypes I came up with something that would work to make squares to fly though. A few days later I made some stands to hold the squares up. Next I will make a model to be able to make a hexagon. Squares are cool and all, but hexagons are even cooler!

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