Makin’ Games – Donut Joust!

Big warning – This is pretty much alpha version right now. It still may provide a few minutes of fun though. 😀

Donut Joust

The story:

I’ve messed around with little game concepts for a while; ever since I bought an early version of Construct 2 – which this was done in. One major part of almost all video games is art! Which I’m not all that great at. So that meant my little game concepts were made using freebie art from the Internet.

Then… I recently found a GREAT artist who wanted to make video games! Hurray! Of course these grand gameplay ideas started to form for adventure games, hidden object games, platformers, you name it! But I tried to hold back, and to come up with a very simple concept for our first project. Afterall, this was new territory for both of us – working on a TEAM for making a game! :-O

One morning the idea for Donut Joust just came to me as a random shower thought. It’s simple, cute, easy to work with. I pitched it to my artist and she loved the idea. Later that day, the playable game concept for Donut Joust existed!

She is continuing to create more art and animations while I add to and refine the gameplay. As part of the process I’ve been simultaneously learning and making it in the Godot game engine to have a bit more control than Construct 2 allows.

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