Making Art with Lasers! Pew pew!

I’ve been 3D printing for years and that helped give me the maker bug! Of course, after that point, I wanted a little CNC, and even MORE 3D printers, and a laser cutter/engraver.

Well, the last of those wishes has been fulfilled! I didn’t make a post about it (probably should though), but I have a ‘cheap’ K40 laser cutter now! At first I had to learn what it could do, what the software could do, and how different materials react to having bazillions of photons shot at them in order to vaporize said material.

After plenty of experimenting with cutting out letters, some pepakura, and some random vector silhouettes in paper, foam, acrylic, felt, and wood, it was time to try something a bit more complex. At that point I started converting images of friends animals, kids, or whatever else they like into something suitable for the laser cutter to engrave into wood – or woodburn with the laser.

Here are a few early examples!


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